姉萌え! 4.1 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android


4.1 APK MODs Unlimited money Download on Android

姉萌え! Download .APK MODDED for Android

you can download the latest 姉萌え! .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = jp.gr.teammoko.game.girlfriend.elder

姉萌え! Information

Version 4.1
Category Simulation
Size 96MB
uploaded by https://modunlimit.com/
Updated 2021-09-11
Required APP Android 4.0+
Totall Download 50,000+

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姉萌え! 4.1 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android 「邪魔」と言い放つ生徒会長のクールお姉ちゃん。レベルが上がると「膝枕してあげるから、こっちに来て」と可愛く甘やかしてくれるようになります。











【Team Moko App. について】

■Team Moko App.

The student council president’s cool sister who says “disturbing”. As the level goes up, you will be able to spoil yourself cutely, saying, “I’ll give you a knee pillow, so come here.”

This work focuses on the process in which a cool and kuudere sister becomes more and more kind to her younger brother and spoils her.

Even people who have never played a gal game, a beautiful girl game in love with a cute girl, can enjoy it.

Not only for those who like older sister games, but also for those who have never played older sister games, this work was made to become Moe.

Since it can be played for free, it is a safe app even for those who are new to older sister games and romance games.

An older sister who is the student council president of the school and is highly regarded.
He is harsh and harsh to his sloppy brother.
But my brother loves his sister.
I talk to them often and try to get rid of that coolness.
My younger brother has become more active and wants to be with him at school, but will he be trusted by his sister …?

【how to play】
・ A free beautiful girl romance simulation game with a cool and serious student council president’s sister.
・ A gal game based on the concept of Moe, a sister who changes from the kuudere, and we will proceed with simple touch operations.

・ When you start the game, a random event will occur.
・ Gain reliability according to the type of event. I will raise the level of my sister Moe.
・ As the level of Moe Sister rises, the content of the conversation changes, and the older sister gradually becomes fond of her younger brother.

・ Sister Moe level will be up to 30 and will end.

-Since this work is composed of a collection of only short conversations, there are no long sentences like Novell Ge.
-Since the title returns to the title when the conversation is over, you can easily play in a little spare time or waiting time.

【I recommend this hotel】
・ Recommended for those who like school romance games and gal games and want to experience romance with cute girls.
-It is also recommended for those who like romantic comedy romance light novels, anime, manga, and other moe situations, and are looking for a gal game where they can easily enjoy romantic comedy.
・ It is a romance simulation game that can be enjoyed for free even for those who are thinking of playing a romance game, a beautiful girl game, or a gal game for the first time.
・ Since it is composed of only short conversations, it is also recommended for those who are not good at reading novel game sentences.

[About Team Moko App.]
・ A doujin circle specializing in black hair, younger sister Moe, and older sister Moe, and selling the process of changing the heroine’s emotions, we are creating a gal game app that you can enjoy more easily.
・ It is a popular romance game that records a total of 300,000 downloads in the series, selling unique heroines.

【Planning and development】
■ Team Moko App.

■ Demon King Soul
Ver. 4.1

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