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3.2.2 APK MODs Unlimited money Download on Android

小小勇者 Download .APK MODDED for Android

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小小勇者 Information

Version 3.2.2
Category Role Playing
Size 96MB
uploaded by https://modunlimit.com/
Updated 2021-07-19
Required APP Android 4.4+
Totall Download 100,000+

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小小勇者 3.2.2 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android 《小小勇者》是一款放置遊戲,遊戲風格輕鬆休閒,容易上手,豐富的養成元素能讓人體驗到無窮的冒險樂趣。









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“Little Brave” is a idle game, the game style is relaxed and casual, easy to use, and the rich development elements can make people experience endless adventure fun.

A long time ago, humans and elves lived in harmony on the continent of Yugel. Humans established several prosperous kingdoms on the continent and believed in Lilith, the goddess of the earth. The elves lived in the forest and guided lost travelers. . Humans and elves do not invade each other and live a peaceful life. However, the peace that had been maintained for hundreds of years was finally broken by the monsters that landed from the southern coast. The arrival of the monster army heralded the revival of the ancient demons.

Game features:

[Placement and play method that can be pushed offline]
As a idle RPG game, we hope that you can easily upgrade the brave in the fast-paced life and work, defeat one monster after another, and finally climb the peak of difficulty, defeat the evil demon king, and save your home!

[Random events full of surprises]
Random events appear randomly! Just a single tap event can increase combat power, weaken monster attacks, and drop a lot of gold coins and diamonds! You can even open all kinds of hidden gameplay and experience the mysterious happiness that belongs to you!

[Strategy to fight with wits and bravery]
More than 20 mercenaries and 30 elves can assist the brave, and more than a hundred pieces of equipment can be matched freely, superimposing attack and defense capabilities. As long as you want, you can create your own unique army!

[Rich cultivation and collection system]
Here you can not only upgrade mercenaries, but also synthesize high-level elves! The defeated monsters and the dropped equipment are recorded and collected by the handbook, because it is your honor on this adventure!

[Pixel style full of emotions]
In our childhood, we all loved the classic pixel games that were popular on the streets and alleys, and we all had dreams of becoming brave! Here, you can send brave men to protect your homeland without hesitation! Here, you can realize your dream of being a brave for your childhood!

Although the heroes of the past are dead, the offspring who have inherited their will and beliefs are still alive. In order to regain the peace of the mainland, the young brave men accepted the king’s order and embarked on an adventure journey to the cursed land with their companions…

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