王國Kingdom:戰爭餘燼 1.00.15 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android


Kingdom 1.00.15 APK MODs Unlimited money Download on Android

王國Kingdom:戰爭餘燼 Download .APK MODDED for Android

you can download the latest 王國Kingdom:戰爭餘燼 .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = com.mover.kingdom

王國Kingdom:戰爭餘燼 Information

Version 1.00.15
Category Role Playing
Size 96MB
uploaded by https://modunlimit.com/
Updated 2021-06-17
Required APP Android 5.0+
Totall Download 100,000+

What Is New


Total votes: 6.0

王國Kingdom:戰爭餘燼 1.00.15 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android 遊戲介紹
【沒有規則 真正開放式PvP世界】

【裝備全靠打 野外BOSS一起搶】
為求神裝不擇手段,全都怪《王國Kingdom》裡的裝備全部價值連城,獨特的「公平自由交易系統」可讓你炒賣裝備、一夜致富。還原了打怪噴寶、殺人奪裝的真正Online Game年代!

【殺人紅名 無間斷復仇】
在《王國Kingdom》的世界裡,殺與被殺隨時存在。殺人紅名、死亡掉裝、嘲諷對方、無間斷復仇。你可以不斷的追殺仇家,殺到裝備全噴,公開求饒。【紅名】 便是你榮耀的象徵,當然也要小心仇家號召兄弟回來復仇。《王國Kingdom》是個真正無規則、講求力量的殺戮世界。

【300 VS 300攻城戰 賭上稅金與榮譽】
遊戲首創「300 VS 300大規模攻城戰」玩法,公會與公會間為了爭奪領地與財富相互宣戰。若想要名利雙收、掌握稅金、政治權力,號召兄弟來場最熱血的攻城戰與領地戰吧!


【經典四大職業 自由配點養成】

game introduction
[No rules, truly open PvP world]
In the open world of “Kingdom of the Kingdom”, you can walk freely on the seamless big map that does not require any cutscenes to enjoy the game experience of adventure, treasure hunting, trading, and alliance. But be careful! ! “Kingdom” is full of battlefields. You can kill other players anytime and anywhere, but you must also watch out for being attacked and looted by other celebrities!

[Equipment is all based on playing wild BOSS together]
In “Kingdom of the Kingdom”, the equipment does not depend on pumping, all in the wild! All the rare god outfits are scattered on every BOSS in the game’s big map. In addition to teaming up to fight the BOSS with strength, you must also be careful of other players in ambush nearby to raid the BOSS.
In order to ask God to pretend to be unscrupulous, all the equipment in “Kingdom” is invaluable. The unique “fair and free trading system” allows you to speculate on equipment and get rich overnight. Restored the real Online Game era of killing monsters, spraying treasures and killing people!

[Murder Red Name Uninterrupted Revenge]
In the world of “Kingdom”, killing and being killed exist at any time. Killing celebrities, disguising death, taunting each other, and revenge without interruption. You can continue to chase down the enemy, kill all the equipment, and openly beg for mercy. [Red name] is a symbol of your glory, of course, you must be careful of your enemies and call your brothers back for revenge. “Kingdom of the Kingdom” is a truly unruly and powerful killing world.

[300 VS 300 Siege War, betting on taxes and honors]
The game’s first “300 VS 300 large-scale siege” gameplay, guilds and guilds declared wars for territory and wealth. If you want to gain fame and fortune, master taxes, and political power, call on your brothers to come to the hottest siege and territory wars!

【Original Korean factory direct sales! Probability of Conscience in the Industry]
The Korean masterpiece “Kingdom” has been unanimously recognized by more than 1 million Korean players as a “conscience chance”, so you don’t need sacrifices, and you don’t have to worry that the enhanced scrolls are not enough. Common players can also be full of magic! The Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macao version is directly operated by a Korean developer. “Buddha’s Heart Rate” allows you to get better and better, without having to worship God!

[Four classic occupations, free distribution point development]
“Kingdom” provides four distinctive professions, including a “warrior” for short-range crit attacks, a “ranger” assisted by long-range attacks, a “magic” that helps the team balance, and an “assassin” who is good at fast attack. Each profession has an independent free allocation point and rune system. The high degree of freedom training gives the killers a very rich choice space and a comprehensive team combination method.

■The content of this game involves sexual, violent, and game characters wearing costumes with prominent characteristics. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as supplementary 15 levels. Only those over 15 years old can use it.
■This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game
■Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time, avoid indulging in the game

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