聖鬥士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳 2.11 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) Download on Android


1.80 APK MODs Unlimited money free Download on Android

聖鬥士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳 Download .APK MODDED for Android

you can download the latest 聖鬥士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳 .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = com.bandainamcoent.seiyazbtw

聖鬥士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳 Information

Version 1.80
Category Action
Size 96MB
uploaded by https://modunlimit.com/
Updated 2021-02-19
Required APP Android 4.1+
Totall Download 100,000+

What Is New


Total votes: 10.0

聖鬥士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳 1.80 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) free Download on Android 《聖鬥士星矢 THE LOST CANVAS 冥王神話》聯動中!








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©Masami Kurumada,Toei Animation
©2016 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

“Saint Seiya THE LOST CANVAS: The Myth of Hades” is in collaboration!

Including original animated characters, a total of more than 250 saints are on the same stage!
A “Saint Seiya Action RPG” against your opponents!
Start playing now and give away 20,000 holy stones!

■You can enjoy the fierce battle with a simple click operation!
With simple clicks, you can activate many classic nirvana techniques of Saint Seiya, such as Pegasus Meteor Fist and Plasma Light Speed ​​Fist! Enjoy strengthening your favorite saints!

■The story goes from Poseidon to Hades!
With the Golden Zodiac as the stage, experiencing the battle with the Golden Saint Seiya, the story goes from the “Poseidon” chapter of fierce battle with generals of the seas to the “Hades” chapter on the stage of the underworld! Walk with the goddess Athena and defeat the powerful enemies that stand in front of you!

■Build your own dream team and move towards the top!
From the classic Saint Seiya who appeared in past works to the original Saint Seiya who appeared in theatrical version, you can form your own dream team from a total of more than 250 Saint Seiya!
You can review and experience the original “Story” and “Saint Seiya Training Mission” to strengthen the team, and reach the top in various game modes such as “Arena” and “Guradu Arena Ω” where players compete with each other For the goal!

■The classic battle scene is reproduced by the performance of the luxurious dubbing lineup!
During the battle, various “famous lines” and “classic lines” are reproduced by the voice of the luxurious dubbing lineup!
In the game, famous songs such as “Tianma Fantasy” are used as the BGM, and you can experience Saint Seiya’s world view more deeply!

“On your smartphone, burn your little universe again─”

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Avoid indulging in games.
This game contains opportunities to win prizes. Consumers buying or participating in activities do not mean that they can get specific products.
This game is not aimed at people under the age of 14. Minors aged 14 or above should read, understand and agree to the legal representative
After all the content of the game service contract, the game service can be used, and the contract terms are the same when it is changed.

©Masami Kurumada, Toei Animation
©2016 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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