Bunny Cuteness Overload (Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon) 1.2.1 APK (MODs, Unlimited money) free Download on Android


Bunny Cuteness Overload Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon APK MODs Unlimited money free Download on Android

Bunny Cuteness Overload (Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon) Download .APK MODDED for Android

you can download the latest Bunny Cuteness Overload (Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon) .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = jp.whrp.blife

Bunny Cuteness Overload (Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon) Information

Category Simulation
Size 96MB
uploaded by https://modunlimit.com/
Required APP
Totall Download 50,000+

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Bunny Cuteness Overload (Idle Bunnies Tap Tycoon) APK (MODs, Unlimited money) free Download on Android Making a town filled with bunnies?!
Let’s build a colony on the moon and make the bunny town even larger!
Presenting a relaxing casual cute character semi-automated training simulation!

The Moon, a place of dreams.
If you went there you wouldn’t have to work anymore… at least that’s what they though!

The bunnies made their dream a reality and landed on the moon. And what they saw…

Ah… The inhabitants of the moon are the just same kind of bunnies with the same dreams.
They don’t even know how to work – Panic Mode!
Now is not the time to dream of a life of laziness!!!

Send out job offers and gather different kinds of bunnies!
Earn money by building facilities when you can have the bunny residents work!
Summon the bunnies by tapping and build the colony!

Maybe if you interact with all different kinds of bunnies you can get a glimpse of the problems and daily life of various bunnies?
Are there any residents you recognize by building the colony?

Yes, this is the dream the bunnies had. Live without working themselves. It’s the first step toward a life of laziness!

* The bunnies in this game are fictional. Please note that they are different from actual bunnies.

Recommended for these types of people
– People who love playing free games in their free time!
– Players who love addicting, free, casual games
– People looking for a simple game to kill time with
– Those who want a game that can be played at a leisurely pace
– People who love rabbits!
– …and cats!
– …dogs too!
– …or any cute animal for that matter!
– People who enjoy surreal settings
– People who feel at ease watching relaxing, cute, and weird characters
– People who want to feel warm and fuzzy
– People who want a soothing experience
– People who feel worn out
– People who like lighthearted stories
– People who want a feeling of achievement
– People who like playing addictive games
– People searching for a game to play during short windows of time
– People who want something to do on their commute to work or school
– People who like accomplishing goals and completing collections
– People who like sharing their favorite apps on LINE, Facebook, and Twitter

– Background music and sound effects
効果音ラボ – 魔王魂 – くらげ工匠 – 小森平 – DOVA-SYNDROME
– Voice collaborators

* This game provides paid items.
* Free play is possible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can use these items.
Thank you for playing!
– Added a new theme!

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